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Dear Dr. Amshel,

I want to thanks you for your kindness and considerations you had towards me and my

health situation and my financial one. Unfortunately, due to the hospital not wanting to work

any financial agreement with us, I had to go someplace else to resolve my health issue.

Again, Thank you so very much for doing all that you could to help me.


- Maria Cariro



Dr. Amshel,

I would like to thank you (once again) for providing my care over the past year. My experience

was very confusing at times, but I was always confident by knowing I had such an honest and

caring doctor.

I love your new office. You have made a wonderful start in Sun City Center. I wish you all

the best, you certainly deserve it.


- Lori McGuire 



Dear Dr. Amshel,

I’m returning to Connecticut today, and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your

skills and your kindness while caring for my mother (Emily Boland). Your patience and

reassurance was so comforting. Thank you again.



Dr. Amshel,

Thank you so much for all you did for me last week. I really appreciate everything! You

went over + beyond.


- Stephanie Haldane



Dear Mr. Rector,

Please let me take this opportunity to write and personally thank you for the excellent care

given to my mother, Mrs. Vicki Bjellos during her stay in late December and early January.

We were very pleased with the caring and positive attitudes of all your staff that were helpful and kind

throughout her visit. South Bay Hospital is so lucky to have such a dedicated workforce for your patients

and their family and guests.

I would also like to recognize the point man of the entire team that aided in her surgical

success and recovery. Dr Craig Amshel is not only a skilled surgeon and physician, but a

caring and thoughtful man whose first priority is the well being of his patients. You are

extremely fortunate to have him as part of your team and available to the area. From initial

consultation on through to follow-up care, Dr. Amshel has provided and continues to

make available his expertise and concern. We were most fortunate to have him as our

surgeon and I would respectfully request that he be formally acknowledged for his efforts.

My mother continues her recovery and we are thankful to you and your facility for all your

efforts on our behalf. If you would like to use me as a reference for future potential patients,

I am at your disposal. As is so often the case in medicine and other highly skilled endeavors,

no feedback is usually the norm, and most often any feedback is in the form of a complaint.

While useful, they rarely provide for positive reinforcement and proper motivation. I hope this

letter will show how very pleased we have been with South Bay and Dr. Amshel. We wish

you the very best of continued success and the best wishes.


With kind reguards,

David Bjellos



Dr. Belsito,

As you may recall, during a recent colonoscopy you preformed on me, you discovered a tumor

that required additional surgery to remove. You recommended Dr Craig Amshel, a Surgeon in Sun

City, Fl., to perform this surgery. I sincerely thank you for recommending Dr. Amshel, and your

staff for very efficiently scheduling the appointment for me in Sun City. Within about two week's time

from the visit with you, the surgery was very successfully completed in Sun City.


For your information, in my opinion, Dr. Amshel is a highly trained, competent, and caring

physician. I would whole-heartedly recommend him, his staff, and the South Bay Hospital in Sun

City to any of your future patients that may require additional colon surgery.


Thanks again.



Gary Larison



Dr. Amshel,


You are and awesome Doctor. You worked on both my husband, and I.

Jim's colostomy was reversible, mine was not, but it's not so bad. it takes a while to get used to it,

but once you do, you don't think about it too much. We really had a rough year, but you and

your staff made it alot easier to get through and were so helpful. We're both doing better. Jim is

painting our home, and I am doing alot more walking.

Thank you again for all of your good work


Jim and Phyllis Knotek


To anyone having a colostomy.

You have to give yourself time to get use to it. it is hard but it is worth it, as I wanted

to be with my family and grandchildren alot longer, and I had rectal cancer. Having a colostomy

is giving me more time with them, and a little bag on my tummy is a small price to pay to be

able to watch my grandchildren grow up and spend time with them, and with our children.


Phyllis Knotek



Dear Dr Amshel and Staff,

Thank you all for all you did to help me. I couldn't have looked the earth over and found better surgical results
and such kindness and consideration from ALL your help. Even my hospital stay was pleasant. You have
given me hope I've not had in 77 years. May God bless you each and everyone.
Keep up all the warm SMILES!

Very Sincerely,
Dorothy Whitehurst



Dr Amshel,

I would like to thank you and your staff for being so helpful and kind to me during my time of need.

Your patience, understanding and genuine interest in the well being of your patients was very comforting

and reassuring during a difficult time. The surgical procedure you performed on me was much less painful and

 with a quicker recovery time than I expected. I am very thankful that I was referred to your practice.
Words can not express how grateful I am to have found such a skilled and caring surgeon!


Donald Batten

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