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Specializing in:

Colon & Rectal:

Anal Sphincteroplasties (for fecal incontinence)

Rectal Prolapse reduction

Rectocele repair

Transanal excision of low-lying tumors

Hemorrhoidectomy and Procedure for Prolapsed Hemorrhoids (PPH)*



Pilonidal cystectomy


Anal-rectal cytology collection for Squamous cell carcinoma

Scalpel-less Hemorrhoidectomy:  Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation (HALS) (view before and after pictures: graphic) 

Treatment for GI disorders (Constipation, Diarrhea, Fecal incontinence, etc.) 

 Implantable Nerve Stimulation System for Bowel Control*



"Scarless" Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (with Cholangiogram)

Open and Laparoscopic Hernia repair (inguinal, ventral, umbilical)

Open and Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Breast biopsy, mastectomy (including Sentinel node and Axillary dissection)

Skin biopsy and mass excision (e.g., Lipoma)

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)

Feeding tubes (Open and Endoscopic Gastrostomy, open Jejunostomy)

Lap Band maintenance

Liver Biopsy



Not performed:

Pancreatic and liver excision


Wound care




Article on hemorrhoids

Colon cancer prevention

Incontinence Control Facts

 InterStim Therapy for Urinary Control

*InterStim for Bowel Brochure




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